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Power Listing Network

Take control of your online presence...
Inconsistencies with online business information is one of the fastest growing loss-leaders for sales. When a customer is unable to find consistent, accurate, and reliable information for a business online–or any information at all–the chances of them using that business greatly diminish. Our Power Listing Network consists of 60+ of the most relevant, and used, sites currently in operation and puts listing control in the hands of the business owner.

Featured Ad

Harnessing the full potential of the Power Listing Network, we allow for text-based ads to be placed on a number of the Network Partner Sites. Helping businesses stand out online has always been one of our missions, and displaying a special offer or announcement is just one more way for a business to stand out and bring in more traffic.

Social Media

A Social Media presence is paramount to business success these days. Many businesses have a scattered and inconsistent Social Media presence, if any presence at all. To combat this, our LocalUp package provides businesses with an analysis and optimization of the top Social Media profiles using the latest web and marketing standards.

Centralized Management

Gone, are the days of managing online listings one-by-one. Business Owners no longer need to sign-in to each and every one of their online listings and profiles every time a change needs to be submitted. Using the LocalUp system, everything is managed from one central dashboard which means less time spent updating as well as more accuracy and consistency online.

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